In today’s economy Marketing is a key part of every business operation, every single one operates and runs based on the structure generated by the leader of the organization and surrounded of marketing tactics to reach their objectives.

Traditional marketing techniques are still very popular, already established businesses can afford both (Digital and Printed), then you need to ask if your marketing budget is enough, both are important don’t get me wrong just think about the big picture for your product or service then just act.

A Business Cards (BC), offers a personal way to share contact details and is linked to a networking activity or as long as the BC can be handed over and most important they are cheap. Still, you will need to hire a Company to design it because your intention is to give a good impression.

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages:



Build Trust Common
Convenient Needs updates
Advertising Limited reach
Affordable Ineffective (If not shared)
No downtime

A website, we are in the era of Internet and technology and instant communications have become mandatory for all businesses to have presence whether small or big. Not having a Web Presence can easily send the wrong message to your clients because your competitor is on it.

We know that there is a ton of information about having a Website, many companies who offer free websites and many other options, but most important if you are considering a website check out the Inbound Marketing Strategy then you can have a good understanding of what involves a website.

Just for your consideration, do you think that your Business deserves a free website? Imagine many of your clients asking you for free goods or services, how can you support your operation, pay your bills and cover all the employees and business expenses, yes, always will be an upsell remember, most times FREE means FREE-MIUN We got you for free now it’s time to collect from you.

And don’t even get me started with the logo, this will be a different article but just for your information “A simple logo” should contain:

  1. Business description, product or service, customer, and target.
  2. Logo layout
  3. Color selection
  4. Images or shapes
  5. Font selection
  6. Logo Manual – How to use your brand in different scenarios.

As you can see, there are more details that you need to consider when you want to promote your business, you might have a great product or an awesome business and your word of mouth sales strategy is working great, but it can boost your business of you use properly different means.

Many companies take about 80 hours to have a website ready including research, graphic design, marketing strategy and much more, those details are key for a successful web presence and we just wonder, how companies using a DIY Website are taking advantage of all power of Internet, because we feed each company website with statistics and reports about how is the audience reacting to each section of the website and that take months to finally adjust a section.

If you are still unsure if your business needs a website, see the advantages or disadvantages.

Reach more audience Technical problems (If select a wrong provider)
Less Expensive Needs constant updates
More information to share Bad Publicity (If you provide a poor service and makes clients unhappy)
Increase sales
Increase accessibility
No downtime

Business Card and Website both are very important, you must have both but consider the delivery method and reach, we are in a technology era and your company efforts should be directed to reach more customers according to with your target, and if your product or service is seen by more people this will means more sales and more work, a good problem to have.

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