It really depends who you asked to, but just to clarify concepts, Hispanic involves people from Spain or Spanish America “the colonized Americas” and Latino it refers to the People who lives in Latin-America which includes North, Central and South America and Yes, Mexico is located in North America. If we refer to “Language” we don’t speak Spanish from Spain, there is a derivation named “Castellano” which is more spoke in Latin American countries, Castellano comes from the Antique Reign of Castilla (New and Old). You can say that we all can be “Latin” instead of Hispanic based on language, but there are other root based languages that will includes also Italian, French, Portuguese, Hungary, Croatia and others, Latin from Rome and Spain when they have sent the “Conquistador” quest to “Las Americas” they did not send the best crew, it was a death sentence trip but they have made it. We know that many Americans don’t know much about this short condensed piece of history of many Latino fellows, but is a point made to help you better understand the market that you are intended to reach.

Little details like that can make a huge impact when you are developing an Inbound Marketing Campaign, I’ve met people who really get offended when referred to Spanish Conquistador history, in some of our countries they were expelled and population was mark for generations based on their actions but today’s international market and weaknesses in most countries political strength they have returned acquiring companies and regain status.

Let’s be clear, speak Spanish to communicate is completely different to deliver a message that is why several Marketing Initiatives targeting Latino market segments fail, here is the U.S we are all aware that is one of the fastest growing consumer segment and what you need to do is act proactively to engage your brand with this audience, remember that there are two types Hispanics and Latinos and this last one is broader that you knew, why? We have Hispanic Millennials, Foreign born fist generations, immigrants and more.

Remember, you need to know your buyer persona, and some marketing principles when preparing your demographics, those are key to your success. If by chance you have forgot them, we got one for you, just fill out the form and get it.

A word of the wise, if you or your business is Targeting Spanish Speaking Segments (SSS) make sure to focus your campaign on the right audience and remember “History is written by winners”.

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